RYLA 5170 - Rotary Club Reservation Form

Thank you for your interest in supporting Camp RYLA 5170. Please enter your personal and club information directly in the fields below. This form must be completed and submitted by November 30, 2018.

This year the cost per camper is $620.00. In an effort to get more District 5170 clubs represented at RYLA, we are allocating spots the same as last year. Every Rotary club is entitled to 2 spots plus an additional spot for each active High School Interact Club you support.

Example: Cupertino Rotary Club is eligible for 5 spots. (Guaranteed 2 Spots + 3 Active High School Interact Clubs)

For a complete list of total spots allocated to your club - view this pdf - and find your club.

Please only submit the maximum you are eligible for via this form, if your club wishes to send additional campers beyond your maximum, you can reach out to Jennifer Chang at RYLA5170@gmail.com directly via email. If you need additional information, please visit the RYLA 5170 Rotarians page.

**One Email Only**